Disaster Science and Engineering

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Disaster Science and Engineering (DSE) is a multidisciplinary international journal devoted to the open access publication of scientific studies and original researches on disaster science and engineering. The origin of disasters can vary such as atmospheric, hydrologic, oceanographic, volcanic, seismic, tectonic, etc. These sources associate different scientific fields with operational disciplines can contribute to the mitigation of disasters. DSE serves to a wide community of research scientists, decision makers concerned with disasters detection, monitoring and modelling. DSE also invites studies about risk assessment, risk management, the design and construction of strategies, including economic aspects of disasters. DSE targets studies on science and engineering,

The scope of DSE targets the engineering and scientific perspective of followings:

  • analyzing the behavior of natural systems and observing their precursors
  • design, implementation and evaluation of strategies to reduce the impact of disasters,
  • reducing  the impact of disasters on human-made structures and infrastructures
  • evaluation of natural systems during extreme conditions and their effects on individual and social flexibility;
  • analyzing social behavior during and after natural disasters
  • examining the climatic and environmental

As a double-blind peer-reviewed publication, DSE accepts research articles, review articles, brief communications, comments & replies. Papers submitted to DSE can address various methods and approaches such as theories, modellings, experiments and case studies. The journal covers the following research areas:

  • Earthquake science and earthquake engineering
  • Volcanic Disasters;
  • Landslides Disasters;
  • Hydrological Disasters;
  • Atmospheric Disasters;
  • Coastal Disasters;
  • Other Disasters (e.g., Mine accidents, Glacial and Snow Disasters, Wildfires Disasters, Meteor Disasters)
  • Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Early Warning Systems and Computer and Information Technologies;

Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies, Socioeconomic and Management Aspects;

e-ISSN: 2149-7249 

Editors and Sections
Atmospheric, Meteorological and Climatological DisastersEmrah Doğan, Abdurrahim Aydın, Selim Doğan, Shivam Tripathi
Sea, Ocean and Coastal DisastersAdem Akpınar, Ceren Özer, Cüneyt Baykal, Hermann M. Fritz
Hydrological DisastersEmrah Doğan, Osman Sönmez, Selim Doğan, Serdar Sürer, Shivam Tripathi, Gökmen Çeribaşı
Landslides and Debris,Flows DisastersAbdurrahim Aydın, Ertan Bol
Earthquake DisastersMurat Utkucu, Erkan Çelebi, Levent Gülen, İnan Keskin
Volcanic DisastersLevent Gülen
Other Hazards,(e.g., Glacial and Snow Disasters, Karst, Wildfires Disasters, Meteor Disasters, Computer Technology)Abdurrahim Aydın, Ferhat Dikbıyık, Beytullah Eren, Davut Otar, İsmail Baysal,  Veysel Harun Şahin, Nevin Çankaya
Databases, GIS, Remote,Sensing, Early Warning Systems and Monitoring TechnologiesAbdurrahim Aydın, Yves Buehler
Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies, Socioeconomic and Management AspectsIsmail Hakki Demir, Fatih Göktepe, Ömer Giran


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ISSN: 2149-7249