Determination of Earthquake Effects on Sandy Soils for the City of Eskisehir, Turkey

  • Mehmet Inanc Onur
  • Mustafa Tuncan
  • Ahmet Tuncan
Keywords: earthquake, Plaxis 2D, sandy soil, silty sands, soil deformation


Dynamic soil behavior has to be known very well to consider safe and economical precautions against earthquake effects. This paper deals with modelling study to predict deformations under earthquake effect for city of Eskisehir, Turkey. Various deformation types can occur due to the earthquake for different type of soil. In this study, soil deformations are found under possible earthquake by using Plaxis 2D software. Soil types are chosen as silty sand and loose sand due to most common soil types in Eskisehir. Results are presented and suggestions are given to minimize soil deformations under earthquake effects. Deformations change depends on the local soil types. Therefore, precautions should be determined according to local soil conditions.