Avalanche Research Studies at Bozdağ

  • Önder Koçyiğit
  • Erhan Tekin
  • Gökhan Arslan
Keywords: Avalanche, Forecast, Disaster, National, Prevention


Turkey may encounter some threatening avalanche events almost every winter season since approximately 70% of the land of the country is situated on high altitude mountains. Snow avalanche as a disaster might cause many people to lose their lives and damage to property. Fatal avalanche disasters occurred in the 1990s have triggered initiation of national academic studies and some projects aimed at reducing avalanche losses. However, studies in Europe on the subject date back to many decades. Prediction, prevention or damage reduction is possible precaution steps for an avalanche disaster. For this reason, it is indispensable to continue expanding the national studies focusing on prevention and damage reduction of snow and avalanche. Academic studies on the subject are in progress in Turkey. However, a central research institute is advised for a sustainable management of avalanche disaster. This institution will be able to carry out and evaluate some key issues such as field observations and data collections, analysis of the data collected, development of a forecast model, application of protection methods, risk management, research and pursuit of innovation etc. A research project is currently carried out by Gazi University at Bozdağ, İzmir. An automated station is established for data collection which will be used in analyze of avalanche disaster at Bozdağ.