Earthquake Analysis of Concrete Arch Dams Considering Elastic Foundation Effects

  • Muhammet Karabulut
  • Murat Emre Kartal
  • Omer Faruk Capar
  • Murat Cavusli
Keywords: Elastic foundation, Far-field ground motion, Near-fault ground motion, Type 3 arch dam


Dynamic effects on an arch dam should be taken into account for the ground motions. This study presents three- dimensional linear earthquake response of an arch dam. Different ground motion effects and besides rigid and elastic foundation conditions are considered in the finite element analyses. For this purpose, the Type 3 double curvature arch dam was selected due to numerical solutions. All numerical analyses are carried out by SAP2000 V.17 program for empty reservoir case. In the scope of this study, linear modal time-history analyses are performed using three dimensional finite element model of the arch dam and arch dam-foundation interaction systems. Furthermore, near-fault and far field ground motion effects on the selected arch dam were taken into account by different accelerograms obtained from the Loma Prieta earthquake at various distances. According to numerical analyses, maximum horizontal displacements and maximum normal stresses are presented by height and these are evaluated for both foundation conditions.