Seismic Behaviour Evaluation of Suleymaniye Mosque Under Different Earthquake Records

  • Ayhan Aslan
  • Abdurrahman Sahin
Keywords: Suleymaniye Mosque, Earthquake Analysis, Historical, Masonry Structures, Finite Element Method, Sap2000


In this study, 3D structural model of Suleymaniye Mosque which Mimar Sinan began the construction in 1550 and finished in 7 years is developed and the behavior is examined under the influence of different earthquakes. Finite element (FE) model of the structure is generated and modal analysis is carried out. The obtained dynamic characteristics such as natural frequencies and mode shapes are compared with experimental works and the FE model is updated. Earthquake analysis of the mosque is carried out by using actual earthquake records of the past. The structural behavior under the earthquake effects is obtained at the end of the analyses and the most affected areas of the structure have been determined. The results are evaluated and comments are made about the structure.